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One of the reasons our estimate may differ from another shop is because we believe in writing a thorough estimate up front. Necessary repairs may be left out of another estimate making the dollar amount appear much less. In the end, once the repairs are complete, the total cost of repairs would be very similar. However, one of the things that sets us apart from other shops is the detailed steps we take in repairing a car, which may also account for any differences. For example, when we do any painting, we remove moldings, emblems, and other items that would get in the way of painting your vehicle as completely as possible. This is known as "remove and install." Our goal with every vehicle is to bring your car back to the way it was before the accident.

If you are responsible for the accident, and the claim is going through your insurance company, you will need to determine how much your deductible is based on what your policy states. Deductibles range anywhere from $250.00 -$1000.00. The amount of the deductible also depends on whether the claim is considered a comprehensive claim, collision, uninsured motorist or "hit and run". It is very important to check with your insurance agent to determine the type of deductible.

Your deductible is due when you pick up the vehicle after repairs are complete. Payment for the deductible may be made by check (with I.D.) or VISA and MasterCard up to $500.

Although we understand that the accident is an inconvenience to you and an expense you weren't exactly expecting, to "hide" or "bury" your deductible in the repair costs to the insurance company is considered fraud and we know you wouldn't want to be involved in any fraudulent activity!!

If you are the claimant (the other party is paying for the repairs), you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. If it is going through your insurance, you'll want to call your agent to verify that you have rental coverage. Most of the time rental coverage is very inexpensive and can save you lots of money in the long run. We are happy to make arrangements for your rental vehicle. You may receive a rental vehicle of approximately the same size, make and year, depending on the policy of the insured.

Our guarantee to you is that your vehicle will be returned to its pre-accident condition. The more detailed information we receive regarding how the accident occurred, the better our ability to know what type of repair procedures to use to put your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

We are able to offer a lifetime written warranty because of our impeccable reputation. Our technicians are I-CAR and ASE certified which gives you added assurance that the job will be done right! We want you to feel welcome to view our facility, talk to our staff and call former customers to check up on us!

That depends from vehicle to vehicle.

Well... You can demand anything you want, but let's talk about what is best for your vehicle and what is fair. If you have a vehicle that is only a few years old, then expecting new parts on it is a practical solution. If your vehicle is over 3 years old, and you need a door or fender replaced, you already have a used part on your vehicle, so "fair" says you will probably receive a new "used" parts. This isn't a bad thing if you work with a reputable vendor of used parts. Ask the repair facility for their policy on used parts and find out what your insurance policy states regarding used parts. We are here to help.

We make every effort to accommodate our customers. And although we probably won't be able to get you to your nail appointment or golf game, we will certainly be happy to drop you off at your place of business or your home and pick you up when repairs are completed. Our goal is to keep the inconvenience at a minimum in your active life!

Yes, if a child was in a car seat at the time of an accident. It is also very important to have all seat belts that were restraining people at the time of the accident checked-out for any problems as well. If you feel the seat belts are not secure, do not drive the vehicle. Consider having the vehicle towed. Contact your insurance company to tell them about the carseat - manufacturers vary.

First, attempt to begin the claim process with the insurance company. Insurance companies have very different ways of handling a claim, so our advice would be to ask them as many questions as possible. We work with many different insurance companies so we can help you as well. Simply give us a call and we'll help you with the process.

10 Things to Know Before Having Your Car Repaired

Your car is likely the second largest investment you’re likely to make, so preserve its value and your safety by having it repaired professionally at Shafer’s Collision.

We will gladly arrange for your car to be towed to our repair facility.

You can do this, or you may leave your car at our location and ask that the insurance company come to inspect the car. We work closely with all of the major insurance companies and we keep close communication with insurance companies to advise them of all work and repairs that need to be done to our customer’s vehicle.

You have the right to get as many comparison estimates as you’d like in order to help you make an informed decision about your collision repair options.

Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop.

A lower estimate may not include all necessary work. If you’re not sure why one estimate is different from another you’ve received, just ask us.

We are I-CAR Gold Class centers and all of our technicians have continuing I-CAR and ASE training to ensure that they are skilled in the latest repair process and equipment.

We have the latest equipment and training necessary to repair your car to its exact factory specifications.

We offer every customer our industry-best warranty that protects you for as long as you own your vehicle.

We have established positive business relationships with virtually every auto insurance company. Our ability to “cut through the red tape” ensures a smoother, faster repair process.

Since the average car is in the repair shop for two weeks, ask if the shop can make recommendations for a rental car company and if they can arrange for a replacement rental car to be ready when you drop off your car.

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