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Shafer’s use big ideas to call attention to small business Hendricks County Flyer, Avon, IN – September 30, 2011

Carl and Suzanne Shafer from Shafer’s Collision Repair Centerare using “out of the box” thinking while promoting their small business. The couple recently had crushed cars and a sign out front to remind local residents that they are open for business.

The display was taken down after receiving complaint letters but not before turning a lot of people’s heads. 

Carl & Suzanne Shafer

While the economy is not what it used to be, the company has still seen steady growth for the past three and a half years. The Shafers attribute that growth to literally turning things upside down in their businesses. The couple had been experiencing several difficulties but decided it was time to promote themselves.

“When everything looked the darkest, I decided I was going to have fun,” Carl said in a press release. “There was no rationale to it. Our finances were beyond strained, our relationship was stressed, and life in general was not pleasant, but I told Suzanne, ‘if we’re not going to make the money we thought we would, at least we’re going to have fun.’” 

When asked how they thought this was possible, they both agreed to five key factors: their faith in God and seeking His guidance to run their businesses and lives; their commitment to each other and their children; being introduced to the teachings of Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer (; working with their business coach, Scott Manning (; and implementing different approaches to business and marketing which aren’t necessarily popular with competitors or traditionalists.

“We’ve always had great ideas,” Carl said. “We just didn’t know how to execute them. We still don’t execute all of our ideas, but we sure have some competitors who would like to execute us.”

Most recently, to celebrate being profiled and featured in an upcoming international success film, the Shafers decided to literally ‘tell the world’ about turning their business upside down and crushing their competition. While Suzanne wanted to blow something up after working with Mike Veeck of Disco Demolition fame (, Carl was the mastermind behind using inverted crushed cars — it seemed a whole lot safer to him than shrapnel and shards flying over U.S. 36.

“I was flattered, nearly overwhelmed when I was contacted by Mara Glazer and Jonathan Cronstedt at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, to be one of the 37 people filmed,” Suzanne said. “The honor is huge, considering that there are approximately 135,000 people actively employing these methods around the world, with hundreds of them creating annual incomes surpassing $1 million.”

When asked what she thought made her stand out in this crowd, Suzanne responded that she had participated in an international marketing competition and was one of only 11 in the world to make the finals and finished second.

“Since I know some of the others being featured, I can tell you that while they are ‘real people,’ I am very much a real person and Carl and I are a ‘real couple,’” she said. “We have each other, our children, our businesses, and our church and community involvement.”

While Shafer’s Collision Repair Center remains a non-traditional ‘mom and pop’ business, the Shafers are adjusting to Suzanne being out of the office more. By the end of the year, she will have literally done presentations from coast to coast as well as several locations in between including being featured at NACE (National Autobody Conference & Exposition), the collision industry’s premier event.

For more information on Shafer’s, call 317-271-1400, stop by the office at 10690 E. U.S. 36 in Avon, or visit the website at